People Management, Inc. (PMI), a leading payroll outsourcing company in the NJ, NY, and PA areas, offers comprehensive payroll outsourcing services that help businesses save time and increase their bottom line. Offered as part of a comprehensive, full-package service of employer-employee administrative tasks, PMI’s small business payroll service allows business owners and managers to concentrate on being more productive, competitive, and profitable instead of being mired in paperwork, payroll, tax laws and more.

While outsourcing payroll is one of the core services PMI performs for small and midsize businesses, it is only one vital component of the full package of services we offer as a human resources consulting company. As a professional employer organization, PMI’s service to our customers encompasses multiple levels of employee management and administration. Benefits included in our full package of services include:

  • Administrative Tasks
    PMI assumes responsibility for keeping up with government and industry-driven regulations, employment administration, and liability management.
  • Payroll Processing
    PMI manages all aspects of payroll processing from generating pay checks on through completing the paperwork for payroll tax returns and tax deposits.
  • Compliance
    PMI manages risks and obligations as they relate to government regulations and employer/employee litigation issues. We also help create labor-law compliant employee handbooks.
  • Employee Benefits Strategies
    PMI designs and procures new and additional programs, ongoing benefits, and administration functions like enrollment and employee communication.
  • Human Resource Consulting
    PMI takes care of the business end of employer-employee relations including employment law, health and safety laws, compensation, fair employment practices, labor relations, and personnel procedures.

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Many business owners, managers, and CFOs find that just keeping up with all the new tax laws is a full time job. PMI’s payroll processing service takes on the responsibility of keeping up with new laws, restrictions and regulations so that small companies can focus on growing and making a profit. Payroll outsourcing is one of the many core services that PMI includes in its full-package of administrative tasks that help companies save time and money. Contact People Management for more information on payroll outsourcing and more.

Cutting Through Government Red Tape

People Management, a prime payroll outsourcing company headquartered in New Jersey, assumes the administrative burden of paying employees, figuring out new tax laws and sifting through all of the paperwork and red tape needed to generate a payroll solution. Payroll outsourcing services is only one of the primary services we include in our full-package of business services. When PMI’s clients place their payroll processing requirements with our team of knowledgeable experts, they also choose to receive first class service in affordable employee benefits, Federal and State regulation employment regulation compliance, and human resources consulting. It is only through this comprehensive, full-package offering that PMI can save a company thousands of dollars and hours each year!

Professional Employer Organizations, such as People Management, Inc., are an idea whose time has come. Our industry is growing at more than 25% per year, and employs nearly 5 million workers. Clearly, the need for outsourcing payroll and other employee-related services is a need that every small or midsize business can benefit from.

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Put PMI’s Experts To Work For You!

The People Management, Inc. network of professionals includes attorneys, accountants, and insurance executives, so our clients can be assured that the people assigned to their account are experienced, knowledgeable and know what it takes to get the job done. For more information about our outsourcing of payroll services and other administrative duties, click here to go to the People Management, Inc. payroll outsourcing service page.

Why do our clients need a Payroll Outsourcing service from People Management, Inc.?

Business is tough enough under the best of circumstances, and to stay competitive a business owner needs to focus on profit-making activities, reducing administrative costs, and attracting highly productive employees. People Management, Inc., through our payroll outsourcing services and related administrative duties, provides the edge businesses need to stay ahead of the competition. As a premier small business payroll service, we take care of the administrative tasks that keep owners and managers from staying focused and businesses from being competitive.

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What PMI’s Payroll Outsourcing Services Offers

Time Saver—Handling the administrative work of payroll services in any company is extremely time consuming and comes with a significant amount of liability if you don’t know the latest laws. Outsourcing payroll to People Management, Inc., a leading NJ, NY, and PA payroll processing company, allows more time for owners, CFOs, and managers to focus on core business and make their companies more productive, competitive, and profitable.

Money Saver—With PMI’s full-package of services, including payroll outsourcing services, selective benefit programs, HR consulting, worker compensation administration and unemployment tax strategies, our clients see measurable bottom line savings. Time that used to be spent on these duties is instead redirected on profitable business activities.

Control—As one of the area’s leading payroll companies, People Management, Inc., stays up to date on state and federal tax laws and regulations, and provides fast and efficient management of benefits and claims as related to providing payroll solutions. This gives owners and managers the ability to exercise greater control over day-to-day activities of business.

Profit—New profit opportunities become apparent when business owners have the time to think them through and plan them. PMI’s payroll outsourcing service provides this opportunity through:

  • More Efficient Overall Operation
  • BIG Company Purchasing Power
  • Increased Productivity
  • Precise Budgeting
  • Reduced Overhead Costs
  • Greater Payroll Outsourcing Expertise
  • Stable Cash Flow

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How Does Payroll Outsourcing Work?

People Management, Inc. takes care of everything regarding the formulation of a payroll solution, including all tax filings. All that’s required of our clients is to report the hours and note any changes to the information we have pre-programmed into our state-of-the-art payroll/HR system. Our payroll processing service means no more headaches or liability issues for owners about this extremely important company function.

All costs associated with administering payroll processing, including issuing of payroll checks, employee forms, bank account direct deposits and charges, computer time and maintenance, storage of records, and, of course, human resources, are included in our small business payroll service. PMI takes care of everything, including:

  • Detailed Labor Cost Reports
  • Certified Payroll Reports
  • Quarterly and Annual Tax Filings
  • Management Reports
  • Tax Payment and Reporting
  • Benefit Payments

What Will The New Year Bring?

Every January, when the biggest worry of most Americans is the 5 pounds they gained over the holidays, small business owners are cringing at the prospect of filing W-2's and 1099's and the related paperwork that goes with reconciling a payroll solution.

Not so for clients of PMI.

With each New Year, PMI takes care of the enormous task of checking and rechecking tax records for accuracy and issuing W-2’s and 1099’s as needed. As a result, owners using PMI’s payroll outsourcing services greet the New Year with renewed determination instead of dread. Instead of burning the midnight oil anguishing over tax records, they are able to plan and implement strategies to make their companies more productive and profitable.

What should you look for in a payroll processing service?

Our clients tell us that their biggest factor in selecting PMI as their payroll outsourcing company is our experience and the ability to provide a full range of employer-employee administrative tasks. People Management’s payroll outsourcing network includes attorneys, accountants, insurance executives, and payroll outsourcing professionals, so our clients are assured that we have the experience and knowledge it takes to get the job done.

PMI’s expertise in administering and paying employees allows our clients’ time to be spent in more constructive ways that positively affect their bottom line. The advantages and benefits they reap using PMI as their payroll processing outsourcing service include the ability to focus on profit-making, reducing administrative costs, attracting productive employees, consultation on selection of benefit programs, payroll administration, worker compensation administration, and unemployment tax strategies.

The bottom line: PMI clients are able to concentrate on day-to-day activities to grow their business because they’re able to depend on People Management, Inc., to stay up to date on payroll services, tax questions, and federal regulations, as well as provide fast and efficient management of benefits and claims. It’s all about exercising greater total control by partnering with the area’s leading payroll outsourcing company.

Need more time for business? Contact People Management, Inc., and learn more about how our payroll processing service makes you more competitive, efficient, and profitable.

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